In the mid-1990s the advent of e-mail allowed people to easily exchange text data. As a result, the ABC music notation language was developed using ordinary keyboard characters. It allowed users to exchange the basic notes, graces, key signatures, rhythms, and other elements of traditional music using e-mail. The language was most useful for folk tunes, and served well those wishing to exchange the essentials, the notes, of traditional music, especially the Irish repertoire.

ABC2Win was conceived as a way for users of Microsoft Windows to see tunes written in this notation as sheet music. It used graphic, drawing commands for both on-screen presentation and for printing.

Developing the program was a great project for a retired computer guy. After several years of improving and maintaining the program interest waned. Now, 16 years later, nothing has been done to advance the development of the program since 2005. That is unlikely to change in the future.

On this site is an archive of the information given on the web when this was still a supported program. Downloads of the last version offered publicly (beta 2.2.127) will remain available for a while. The program was originally written as shareware, and those who paid to support the development received the ability to print music sheets. Now anyone is welcome to use the key given here to activate the current, beta copy or any earlier copy.

If you are an old friend, a user of the program, or one of the many people who helped with its development and dissemination, you have the author's heartfelt thanks.

Best wishes to you. May you enjoy many good tunes with old friends and new. 

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June, 2011